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December 19, 2007
" Let each day be a unique entry in your life's diary that impacts positively on those who have the privilege of sharing in it instantly or in the future."
Written in 2007 by Matilda Wemegah --- Ghana

December 19, 2007
Keep Love Alive

Don't ever give up the fight
Take one more step big or small
Even though it may cause fright
And makes you stumble and fall

Love will lift you
And make everything all right
Will certainly see you through
And keep you in the light
Copyright © 2007 Vivian Alyce Meredith

December 19, 2007
" Physical courage, which despises all danger, will make a man brave in one way; and moral courage, which despises all opinion, will make a man brave in another."
Charles Caleb Colton

December 17, 2007
" Tonight, together, nearly oblivious to all surroundings, we shared many special moments. Moments of joy, peace, happiness, security, and friendship, moments too unique to be duplicated by any other coupling of individuals whose souls are so deeply connected and grounded in the firm foundation of God's merciful, faithful grace and guidance."
Copyright © 2007 Caleb McClelland

December 17, 2007
" If you spend your whole life complaining, you will look back on your life and complain that you never appreciated anything. If you spend your life appreciating everything, you will always have something to look forward to."
Copyright © 2007 Allen Steble

December 17, 2007
" Life is very interesting; it's up to on you how you live it. If there is smile in your face, you will always be happy, if not, you always find yourself sad. So be always happy & keep smiling in any condition in life."
Written in 2007 by Shekhar Jain --- India

December 12, 2007
" Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around."
Henry David Thoreau

December 12, 2007
" Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do... with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling."
Vincent Van Gogh

December 12, 2007
" I will smile at friend and foe alike and make every effort to find, in him or her, a quality to praise, now that I realize the deepest yearning of human nature is the craving to be appreciated."
Og Mandino

December 10, 2007
" If you just "listen" during your day, you will find out the answer to the question that God reveals to you for the day."
Written in 2007 by D. Talbert --- Oklahoma
A thought came to mind while I was at work, if I don't "listen" during my day I would miss the answer to the question that God would want me to know.

December 10, 2007
" Life is a series of endless toils, which we must partake and enjoy."
Adam Sterner --- Submitted by Bec Smith --- Montana
My friend always uses this as an inspirational mechanism when giving his advice to friends, which he helps tons of. In his own words he's told me, its to realize that we are always given pain, suffering, grief, and obstacles, but we must choose to strive and enjoy them; otherwise we are lost, and cannot ever really know when we have experienced something joyous and peaceful.

December 10, 2007
" Pull me back, it gives me strength to move forward."
Written in 2007 by Reena Singh --- India
It's from within.

December 5, 2007
" Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."
Dalai Lama

December 5, 2007
" Life is truly known only to those who suffer, lose, endure adversity and stumble from defeat to defeat."
Anais Nin

December 3, 2007
" Never let the hardship of the journey overshadow the glory of the destination."
Copyright © 2007 Raymond C. Nolan
I was dreading a long trip by car over the Thanksgiving holiday. After praying about the situation I realized that I was letting the thought of the trip overshadow the celebration of the holiday with my family. After arriving at our destination we had a wonderful time.

December 3, 2007
" Why believe in God if you don't believe in love? After all, God is love."
Written in 2007 by MC Maseko --- South Africa

December 3, 2007
" No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly, god won't give us problems without solutions."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Abhishek Setia --- India
This thought inspires my life



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