MAY 2005

May 25, 2005
"Nothing can beat the time, love, and the labor of love we give. It may not be an expensive gift, but its value will surely be priceless and remain in their hearts."
Copyright 2005 James Padilla
I organized a post mother's day and pre father's day celebration in our crib and called it PARENTS DAY. All couples and family relatives were there. The simple program I prepared with my cousins and the simple token of appreciation we offered touched all parents, especially the mothers. I thought, "When will I pay tribute and give thanks to them? It's like now or never". I make sure each day is a special day and let my parents know that I love them dearly. The party was a success because my parents cried with tears of joy. Blessed be.
May 25, 2005
"It is not your aptitude, nor your altitude, but your attitude that determines who you are!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.H. --- Illinois
With a great attitude, we can be anything we want to be.
May 25, 2005
"Sometimes one must first remove themselves from their very thoughts in an effort to get a better understanding of others, especially those they love."
Copyright 2005 Ronald J. Champion

May 23, 2005
"When you live in joy, don't be too joyful. When you live in sorrow, don't be too sorrowful. Live in hope, as the joy is coming up next!"
Copyright 2005 Lidya Harjono
Life is full of ups and downs. Otherwise it's going to be boring, isn't it?
May 23, 2005
"The better the effort, the better the results."
Written in 2005 by J. Torres
May 23, 2005
"He that cannot forgive others burns the bridge, over which he himself must travel."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Alison W., Age 16 --- Utah
May 18, 2005
"ALWAYS be happy for what you have, not sad for what you do not have."
Written in 2005 by Asad Shah --- United Kingdom
I wrote this quotation to help me get by each day. I have lost everything I have and am in terrible debt. It seems to me that I have nothing worth living for anymore. But then I remembered the things that cannot be taken away from me and mean the most to my life, my mother and father. This thought helps me get by each day.
May 18, 2005
"When you think that you are giving everything you have, hold out your other hand. If you do this, someone will do the same for you."
Copyright 2005 David Ridgway
Sometimes we forget that we can help people as easily as reaching out and trying. Don't wait for someone to ask you. Step up and jump in. You never know whose life you can change.
May 18, 2005
"You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sandra Boyins --- Texas
May 16, 2005
"Know yourself, you would never fear the results; know your enemies and your victory will not be threatened. Know yourself, your enemies, the weather and the terrain and your victory will be complete."
Sun Tzu --- Submitted by Jennifer Chua --- Malaysia
May 16, 2005
"You cannot lead if you're going to worry about whether people dislike you. That's why most people don't lead, because they don't want people to dislike them."
Sparky Anderson
May 11, 2005
"Many people will give advice to others, however it's only the wise that choose to actually listen and take proactive action from that advice that will grow and prosper in their lifetime."
Copyright 2005 Dave Kuch
May 11, 2005
"The only thing fear will get you is mediocrity or failure. To be successful both must be completely unacceptable."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by John Hake --- Kansas
May 11, 2005
"Change is growth in disguise."
Written in 2004 by P. Bogan --- Scotland, United Kingdom
May 9, 2005
"Today is a day for improvements - in your life, your work, your relationships - good is not enough. Better will help you hold your stead for a short while. Improvements will keep you going. You stop growing when you get easily satisfied with what you do."
Copyright 2005 Malcolm Raphael
May 9, 2005
"Definition for failure: Something that does not work.
Definition for success: Recognizing failure when you see it."
Copyright 2005 Christina Gonzalez
May 9, 2005
"Never pity yourself when you have things out of control. The one who succeeds is one who fights it!"
Copyright 2005 Heeral Kothari
I believe everyone has at some point things out of control: too much work and too little time or too much debts and too little income. The difference between those who win and lose is just those who pity and complain and those who try to make things happen under those constrains!
May 4, 2005
"Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, always walk in love."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kourtney D. --- Indiana
The pastor of my youth group did a lesson on this. Always be nice to someone, even if they have less that you do. Always help someone out when you can. It helps whoever the person is, along with you. It's something I use daily.
May 4, 2005
Life, in retrospectt, must be considered thoughtfully
Not to dwell upon the negative nor the positive
But to prepare for the future
By making today how you wish to remember yesterday
Copyright 1992 W. Brent Bailey
May 4, 2005
"Self-discovery is a process. It begins with the decision to never yield to the false truths of others."
Copyright 2005 Stephannie Antal
May 2, 2005
"When you love someone, you tell them everything there is to know about you... the good and the bad. And then you let them decide if they will still choose to love you. If they do, then good for them. If not, then good for you."
Copyright 2003 Mary Anne E. Delos Santos
May 2, 2005
"If you have been given the bowl and spoon, rest assured, as it is the nature's way of saying, 'We are going to serve you soon.'"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kishore Sohanda --- Maharashtra, India
This quote was told me by one of my teachers in self-development. It means if we have desire for something in life, it means it will be fulfilled soon, as nature gives us desires only if they are to be fulfilled. So one must be happy and rest assured that if we are hungry, our hunger will be satisfied soon since we have been given the bowl and spoon of desire. Desire is bowl and spoon in which the desired things will be served soon. If it were not to be served, you would not have received the bowl and spoon (desire).
May 2, 2005
"I will live everyday as if I were living inside a photograph, because after all, no one ever takes pictures of the bad times!!"
Copyright 2005 Jayson Colyn
We were asked, in a class, to write a "personal mission statement". I filled mine in with any quotes I had written, and ended it with this one.
May 2, 2005
"In times of adversity if you make your goal to come through it a better person, you can never suffer a loss."
Copyright 1999 LJ Bradshaw