APRIL 2007

April 30, 2007
"First, believe in the world - that there is meaning behind everything."
Swami Vivekanand --- Submitted by Aman Sharma --- India
Swami Vivekanand is my ideal person. His every word is a "Quote".
April 30, 2007
"If God takes something from us He has something better to give us. Our choices may sometimes result in painful immediate consequences but God will use the after effects of those consequences to strengthen and uplift us."
Copyright 2007 Nickiesha Linton
A thought that keeps me going
April 25, 2007
"Ever notice that often, the most depressing days are the cloudy, rainy days? Yet the rain is what allows everything around us to grow. I feel that the soul is the same way. While we all seek joy in our lives, it is often the times when we are down and feel as if there are nothing but black clouds over our heads that we have the greatest potential for growth."
Copyright 2007 A.J. Spring
April 25, 2007
"Suffer today; celebrate tomorrow."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Swadeep Mohanty --- India
If today can't be achieved, tomorrow has to be achieved. Today's duty makes tomorrow's beauty.
April 25, 2007
"Great happiness does not come from being able to satisfy what your heart desires but being able to give yourself in love, even if it costs you to sacrifice."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethyl Hallazgo --- Georgia
It's like living for a cause...
April 23, 2007
You build your life from the ground up,
Crawling, walking, finally, running.
Everything in life is broken down in phases, steps.
The first one is the most essential,
For it decides your direction.

When you trip and fall,
Crawl till you can walk,
Walk until you can run.
Never forget to stop,
Look back, down, and forward
To make sure you're going
In the right direction.
Copyright 2007 Daniel Patrick Daley
I wrote this after difficult times with my mother who has cancer to remind her to take one step at a time in her everyday battle.
April 23, 2007
We come together, forming a group
Each of us, sharing our own truths
Searching for a greater guidance
Which does not ask for our silence
Opening ourselves to be received
By those around us who believe
Gaining strength from others

Learning the value of optimism
Sharing our love for those in need
So they of course can also succeed
Learning the value of our worth
While freeing ourselves from our hurt
Thankful each and every day
For the faith that has been brought our way
Copyright 2007 Terri Lyn Kenepp
April 23, 2007
"Live loving life, love living life and in life love living!"
Copyright 2006 Antonio Talbert
Life is too great to waste, so enjoy every moment!

April 18, 2007
"You're like clay. Everything that touches you leaves its mark in some way. The question is, have I?"
Written in 2007 by D.O. --- Kansas
April 18, 2007
"No matter how steep the mountain is, God will climb it with you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Carey L. --- Mississippi
My mom sends me quotes every day and this one meant a lot to me because I struggle with the steep hills all the time.
April 18, 2007
"So you want to see into your FUTURE? Take a good look at the goals and plans you have written down and read, habits you have completed, and attitudes you have displayed - TODAY. The future you want begins with the today you are experiencing - NOW!"
Copyright 2007 Dr. Robert B. Sheely
I realize there comes a time in a person's life that they must take total responsibility for all that the future brings. Yes, God is a partner in my life and my future - but God tends to partner in a more obvious way with those that have a plan and the motivation to take the first step to make their dreams come true. God has given me the imagination and freedom to create my life and my future all by myself, or by following every slight intention of what God would want for me, or in partnership with him as I listen and as He gives me the desires of my heart. (I believe that I have several books in me that must be written soon :)
April 16, 2007
"It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are remembered."
Eugene P. Bertin --- Submitted by Emily H. --- Texas
April 16, 2007
"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that fear has no power and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."
Jim Morrison --- Submitted by Arvind Sharma --- India
April 16, 2007
"In all things, always remember to give thanks. You might not be where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be. If it hasn't happened yet, that doesn't mean it won't happen. Remember a delay is not a denial from God; at his own time, he will make all things beautiful."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A A-O --- Wales
This is what I always say to encourage myself when the going gets tough.
April 11, 2007
"Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before."
James Buckham
April 11, 2007
"I think we all have a little voice inside us that will guide us. It may be God, I don't know. But I think that if we shut out all the noise and clutter from our lives and listen to that voice, it will tell us the right thing to do."
Christopher Reeve
April 11, 2007
"Begin today! No matter how feeble the light, let it shine as best it may."
Henry C. Blinn
April 9, 2007
"Look around. All of God's creations are beautiful. You are one of many."
Copyright 2007 Garry Iron
April 9, 2007
"Errors of a lifetime can be corrected TODAY!"
Parmahansa Yogananda --- Submitted by Kul Bhushan Ganjoo --- India
This is one of the quotes that can bring you out of the depths of despair caused by your own choices in life.
April 9, 2007
"Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid."
Lady Bird Johnson
April 4, 2007
"In life, don't expect anything from anyone. Because expectation, when not fulfilled, gives you pain. When you get something without expecting it, it gives you pleasure. Keep doing your part and leave the rest to God."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rachit Varma --- India
I experienced this in my life!
April 4, 2007
"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver."
Barbara de Angelis
April 4, 2007
"Freedom can never be reached by the weak. Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong, tell your mind that it is strong, and have unbounded faith and hope in yourself."
Swami Vivekananda --- Submitted by Balagopal Thachangot --- India
April 2, 2007
"However long be the night, dawn will break."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Abhijit Mukhopadhyay --- India
It's very inspiring for the people of all ages, all places
April 2, 2007
"Sometimes things might be a bit in the dark but I know from my experience that GOD has His own Plans and Reasons. And if you just grit your teeth and go on despite the hopelessness of the situation, light will be shone upon you in the most unexpected way... trust me! So don't give up!"
Written in 2007 by Nur Afida --- Malaysia
April 2, 2007
"Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible."
Robert Schuller