October 30, 2006
"God will never disappoint you. He will always be there for you whether you are looking or not."
Copyright 2006 Aaron Rood
Don't put your trust in earthly things because you will be disappointed. God is bigger than anything on earth and He will always be ready to aid and comfort you.
October 30, 2006
"Sometimes life throws us curveballs, none of us know for what reasons until it happens. If you look deep within you, you will soon find the answer to your pain and grief. God knows and He cares. His intention is to allow you to grow from your experience. If you hang in there long enough you will see his mighty right hand at work in your life. No matter what, Let Him have His way in your life."
Copyright 2006 Ann-Marie Moulton
October 30, 2006
"God doesn't give us trials and problems that we can't solve. If it's so painful and hard, He is just teaching us to hold on to our faith and to stand firm against the battles in life. Without suffering, life has no meaning at all. And if you know of some people, who only wish nothing but to see you suffer and fall, stand up, move on, and walk with faith in your heart. Make them realize that they can never bring you down. Eventually, each day makes you stronger. Then you could say, that you have the last laugh... because it's your pains that made you whole."
S.L.D. --- Submitted by Sheng D. --- Philippines
This quote was shared to me by my friend who was greatly ridiculed and misjudged by other people when she suffered a big failure in her life...

October 25, 2006
"The beauty of the soul shines out when you bear with composure one heavy influence after another, not because you do not feel them, but because you are a person of high and heroic temper."
October 25, 2006
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
October 25, 2006
"I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."
Etienne de Grellet
October 23, 2006
"In hard times, try to count your blessings and view your troubles as lessons."
Dm-angel aka Maureen --- South Africa
October 23, 2006
Take a look in the mirror; what do you see
A reflection of love, a thing of beauty
Created by god, sculpted by genes
Molded by life, a thing of perfection it seems

No matter how fair or how dark
How large or how thin
A fingerprint in life
A unique specimen

By loving yourself unconditionally
You give the ultimate gift of love
Copyright 2006 Tiana Lovelace
October 23, 2006
So True

Each person I meet has their tale to tell
A story from within their heart known so well
From sharing comes learning and to understand
That hey, you're not the only one drowning in the sand

Oh yeah there are others out there
They have been there and they really do care
You only have to reach out your hand
Lean on a couple of people learn how to stand

What one person learns is another person's advice
And what better advice, such a chance doesn't come twice
Listen to what is told really hear it and take it with you
The next time round you're bound to make it through
Copyright 2004 Tammy Clancy
October 18, 2006
"Never underestimate your ability to make a difference."
Abhijit Bhaduri --- Submitted by Neha Gupta --- India
From the Book "Mediocre but Arrogant"
October 18, 2006
"Always remember that no matter how bad life gets, everything that happened is for a reason; it can make you stronger, a better person or change your life for the better."
Written in 2006 by Allie M. --- Connecticut
October 18, 2006
"Life has all it's struggles, but sometimes in life we should not go ahead of time. We must wait and the Lord will direct your path."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Latoya Morgan --- Jamaica
October 16, 2006
"Whatever life has given to you, never complain. It is always more than you deserve. Always be grateful."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purvi Jadhav --- India
October 16, 2006
"Your fears will never go away unless you're the one facing them ...so face them and see what happens. It will only make you stronger."
Written in 2006 by Lindsay Lloyd --- South Africa
October 16, 2006
"Sometimes you have to run into the wrong thing before you run into the right thing. That way, later on down the line, you'll be able to separate the GOOD from the BAD."
Written in 2006 by Isreal Henry --- Texas
October 11, 2006
He lightens all our burdens and lifts our spirits
When we are down.
For those of us who restore their faith in him,
He will turn your life around.
Just trust in him and truly care
And he will remove any burdens
That, to you, seem too much to bear.

He can raise the downtrodden up off the ground,
Console the lonely when no one calls or comes around.
When things look darkest before the storm
He sends in our guardian angels with rays of sunshine
To make things bright and warm.

So, never give up and never give in
For those of us with unshakable faith
Will be delivered from sin.
Love, live and worship his word with all your might
And you can rest assured
You will always remain in his protective sight.
Copyright 2006 Joseph P. Martino
October 11, 2006
"A little is much... if god is in it."
Written in 2006 by P.S. --- Louisiana
October 9, 2006
"When you want to know where you are in life...
Look at the stars.
When you find where you are in life...
Be inspired and true to one's self
And an inspirational guiding light to others."
Copyright 1994 Steven Tomkins
This has to be read at night with a clear sky. Give time to reflect on the first part after reading 'Look at the stars'.
October 9, 2006
"Having traveled down the road and almost reaching the age of 30, I'm realizing how important trials along the way are to growth. If there were a perfect path, my soul is satisfied that I did not take it."
Copyright 2006 Jamani R. Warren
Many times in life we don't realize the importance of life's struggles. In every trial, there is a learning experience that makes you wiser than before.
October 9, 2006
"If every day was as good as today was, then I can't wait until tomorrow comes."
Westlife --- Submitted by Pfuxani Mabasa --- South Africa
October 4, 2006
"Believing and saying 'I can't' indicates you have already given up on the high possibility of achieving your goal through constant diligence. Replacing 'I can't' with 'I can and I will' and continuing to try, exemplifies a strong, courageous and positive minded individual. With this mindset, the sky is the limit."
Copyright 2006 Julienne Barham
I was empowered to write this thought as I daily work with and encounter families and children who exhibits little sense of direction, low self esteem, low self worth and need to understand the power of believing in order to achieve.
October 4, 2006
"The strength of a man cometh not in his age, but in his heart."
Written in 2006 by Uly M. --- New Mexico
The strength of a man can be physical, mental, spiritual, etc., but you do not gain it as you age; you must work at it until it grows.
October 4, 2006
"Feel free to let go, let go to feel free."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Evan J. --- New York
October 2, 2006
Forget who I was,
Forgive who I am,
Remember who I am trying to be.
Copyright 2005 Taylor Hulse
October 2, 2006
"The work is done in the spiritual. If it is relevant in the natural, we shall know when it becomes mortal."
Copyright 2006 Robyn Cox
October 2, 2006
"When you give a child a place to stand - You give that child a place to take a step from..."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Victoria Muller --- Australia
I wrote this myself in a book one time but I cannot remember if I actually made it up or if I read it somewhere.