August 30, 2006
"God seeks through young and old eyes of everyone."
Written in 2004 by Faith --- Submitted by Tony Masiello --- Washington
August 30, 2006
"Make peace not only your goal, but also your way of living."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Marcus Anderson --- California
August 30, 2006
"Never rely or hope to get help from anyone for you will only be disappointed to learn that the person you need help from also needs help from someone. True help can only come from God. He is our very help in time of trouble."
Written in 2006 by Osuji Chioma --- Nigeria

August 28, 2006
"Believe in yourself because you are the best."
Written in 2006 by Vishwamitra Gupta --- India
August 28, 2006
"Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Paw Cando --- Philippines
August 28, 2006
"It's not about our reflection in the mirror, rather HIS image being portrayed through us."
Copyright 2006 Danielle Reedy
August 23, 2006
"Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is illusion. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly."
Richard Bach, (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)
August 23, 2006
May we live in peace without weeping.
May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing.
And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.
An Irish Blessing
August 23, 2006
"A traveler am I and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul."
Kahlil Gibran
August 21, 2006
"When two unite as one, sometimes there must be pain and sacrifice. It is from this suffering that understanding and new beginnings become possible."
Copyright 2006 Michael Ingrassia
August 21, 2006
"The moon relies on the sun for all its light; without the sun, the moon would just be a large rock orbiting the earth. People are the same. Without encouragement, support and hard work we are just lightless rocks orbiting with no real purpose. But when we do endeavor to make a difference, we are a full moon bringing light to those in the dark of this world."
Copyright 2006 Allen Steble
August 21, 2006
"Live life to the fullest... Love most generously...Care deeply in your heart and soul...Speak only kind words from your lips... Leave the rest to God."
Copyright 2006 Pat Dasenbrock-Fuerstenau
(fondly known also as Pat D-F)
August 16, 2006
"You may hate the rain for its wind, cold and seeming destruction. But after the sun appears, from behind the clouds, you'll realize, you're as strong as the earth, maybe a few landslides here and there, but still relatively whole. Have faith."
Written in 2006 by Ybonette Gonzales --- Philippines
August 16, 2006
"God did not create you for a life of mediocrity or obscurity but to be a celebrity. That is why He gave you the ability to counter the effects of the reality of the calamity that subsist in your society."
Written in 2006 by Mabadeje Abiodun --- Nigeria
August 16, 2006
"Life never forgives, or loves anyone... Because God already does!"
Written in 2006 by Casey C. --- Tennessee
If you feel like no one loves you, or that Life isn't fair, remember God has and always will forgive and love you no matter what.
August 14, 2006
"In your times of trouble, The Lord whispers to us: 'Be not afraid. I'll go before you, always.'"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.C. --- Massachusetts
August 14, 2006
"You are never to complain of your birth, your training, your employments, your hardships; never to fancy that you could be something if only you had a different lot and sphere assigned you. God understands His own plan, and He knows what you want a great deal better than you do. The very things that you most deprecate, as fatal limitations or obstructions, are probably what you most want. What you call hindrances, obstacles, discouragements, are probably God's opportunities. Bring down your soul, or, rather, bring it up to receive God's Will and do His work, in your lot, in your sphere, under your cloud of obscurity, against your temptations, and then you shall find that your condition is never opposed to your good, but really consistent with it."
H. Bushnell --- Submitted by Matt Price --- West Virginia
From the book "Leaves of Gold"
August 14, 2006
"Everything has a reason..........pray to know the reason!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by George Taz --- Philippines
August 9, 2006
If there is a place beyond the stars,
That is the place I want to be.
Though tough it seems
To reach there,
But one who believes
Can always achieve.
Written in 2006 by Mohita Chauhan --- India
Belief in one's capabilities can create miracles.
August 9, 2006
"Life is a journey fuelled by inspiration and aspiration, and directed by a compass called the heart."
Written in 2006 by Tandose Sambo --- Jamaica
I wrote this during a time when I was trying to find my purpose in life, and realized that all I ever needed to make it in life was to follow my heart and everything else would fall into place.
August 9, 2006
"The human heart is a source of unlimited love and hope; the key is to discover how to draw it up!"
Copyright 2006 Hedard (Ed) Savoie
August 7, 2006
You come to my lonely nights...
Like a star in the dark...
Beauty light in the heart...
To make it delight...

You come to my lonely days...
Like an angel with a rose...
Fragments all around...
Bloom love like in paradise...

You make my heart fly up and high...
When I feel your lovely cheeks and lips...
Like young lovers...
And love all we have...

Sad thing to be blind...
When an angel like you is alive...

Hold me and don't let go...
For you are thy love I am here for...
Without it I live no more...
In the world of darkness...
You make me shine like a star...
And who else would be my star...
But you my thy...
Copyright 1999 Mike Bandak
This is my Poem devoted to the person I love most and to all who believe in Love. Best to all, Mike Bandak
August 7, 2006
"Happiness: Happiness is to the soul what beauty is to Life: its essence."
Copyright 2006 Aline Hanle
August 7, 2006
"Do not worry about failing everything many times. How else will you learn how to succeed? As babies we couldn't walk, talk or eat. Imagine if we'd never accepted someone's help and given up at crawling, gurgling and spoon-feeding! So then, don't allow many attempts to grind you down - let them polish you up!"
Written in 2006 by Mark Nixon --- United Kingdom
August 2, 2006
"Despite all that I have passed through in life, I am always very positive about the future."
Written in 2006 by Ogunyemi Sola Jacobs --- Nigeria
I have a strong believe that my future is in God's hand. This is my driving force.
August 2, 2006
"Teach, challenge, and inspire - the enjoyment you feel from this form of giving is endless."
Copyright 2006 Karen Ramsey
August 2, 2006
"Feed your faith until your doubts starve to death."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dr. Chakrapani B. --- India