MAY 2006

May 24, 2006
"I am one of the many cornerstones to reaching your goals. Have faith, step on me and I will help you reach the next cornerstone to your life."
Copyright 2006 Angela Vourkoutiotis
This is dedicated to all the people that I have worked with over the years, who have a mental illness or addiction.
May 24, 2006
"The more bitter the experiences of life, the sweeter the story."
Copyright 2006 Abiodun.A. Adegbite
Many are passing through pains and complains. They prefer easy lives, rather than the tough ones they are passing through now. But the more bitter and painful your experiences in life, the sweeter the story becomes when things starts to work well for you.
May 24, 2006
"Sometimes when you feel so much pain in your soul, you don't realize that everything happens for a reason. Life, family and different situations teach us so many things. We need to enjoy everything, not suffer. Let's be strong!!!! Let's be better!!! Always, always remember this!!!! "
Copyright 2006 Gabriela Ferrara
I'm passing through a difficult time and when I feel this way, I just remember that I'm not alone. I keep in my mind that this is just a moment!!! It doesn't matter, because it won't change my life or my attitude!!! I came to this web site to find an answer and I found it!!! This makes me feel much happier than a minute ago because I asked to God to give me an answer to my questions and these web pages gave it to me!!

May 22, 2006
"No matter how crowded the sky may be with stars, I will always find myself among them, if I don't give up on life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Emeka Vincent --- Nigeria
May 22, 2006
"The magic of life is not that we have lived but that we have shared our life in helping others live theirs completely."
Copyright 2005 Don Poitras
May 22, 2006
"Hope is the parent of faith."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Niraj Prasad --- India
May 17, 2006
"Depend on faith to bring you home safely when you're feeling the crashing waves from the stormy sea called life. Depend on hope to uplift you, bring joy, and fulfill your story filled eyes and set them at ease. Depend on your mind to give you the confidence and the strength to overcome any battle, as you are not alone. With faith and hope by your side, you can raise your head high and take on any challenge that attempts to get in your way. Nobody can ever take that away from you!"
Copyright 2006 Jariel Morales
May 17, 2006
"In life, it's not what you go through; it's what you get through."
Written in 2006 by Nancy S. Mure --- New York
May 17, 2006
"Forgiving is simply the art of healing in action."
Copyright 2006 Nicole Monique Smith
May 15, 2006
"Always Remember: You are stronger than you think you are; you can take more than you think."
Written in 2006 by B.W. --- Virginia
May 15, 2006
"Truth - It's something you can't see or hold but ALWAYS trust."
Written in 2006 by Katlyn R. --- Michigan
May 15, 2006
"After every storm, there prevails complete tranquility."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Iqbal Saeed --- Pakistan
May 10, 2006
"Always follow your dreams and remember: every moment something special happens - a smile... a cloud...a perfumed breeze... a bloom!"
Robert & Jenny Young --- Submitted by Jacqueline Currie --- Australia
Written by two special people in my life... my grandparents. Thank you for your inspiration and motivation throughout my life. Without you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. On the eve of my university graduation... I thank you!!!
May 10, 2006
"Count your life by smiles, not tears; count your life by friends, not years."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kalpana Reddy --- India
May 10, 2006
"Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry, but you can give life a thousand reasons to smile."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Divyapriya Seetharaman --- India
May 8, 2006
"The beauty of life is that this instant before us is the moment in time that really exists. The past is history that has long banished. The concerns for tomorrow must not rob us of this one beautiful day. Living today right will create strength to take care of our future... whatever it holds. It's within every human spirit's power to choose the attitude of success; to grasp on to gratitude, cheerfulness, self respect and love. We can choose to greet each moment as our very own last breath, with all of the awesome joy enthusiasm, kindness and thoughtfulness that a grateful soul will emanate."
Copyright 2005 Miguel A. Perez, II
May 8, 2006
"I refuse to let go of the child inside of me. It helps me understand a child's point of view. Maybe one day, I will be able see the world as wonderful as it still can be."
Written in 2006 by R. Petroff --- Florida
May 8, 2006
"Giving love is the greatest pleasure of the heart and receiving it back is the highest treasure of your soul."
Written in 2006 by Christina Daniel --- Tamil Nadu, India
May 3, 2006
"In the quiet hours, in the heat of battle, and through the hazards of the day; in times of temptation, of sorrow, of peace and of blessing, let us pray always, both alone, and with our families gathered around us, with gratitude for the blessings of life, for understanding of its problems, and for strength to endure to the end."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Toni Sta. Maria --- Philippines
May 3, 2006
"When you are in trouble, never give up; the God is carving to find best of you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vishal Arora --- India
May 3, 2006
"No matter how hard things get, if you have the lord on your side, you will gain strength in everything you do."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Christopher Boggs --- Georgia
May 1, 2006
"If love is heaven and heaven is love, who are we if conceived in love? - Angels - open your heart not just your eyes."
Copyright 2005 Mark Westbrook
May 1, 2006
The innocence
Of the heart
Can hold dreams

Like the sigh
Of love
That comes
From a kiss

The spirit of loving
The surrender begins
And these shivers
In the heart
Can give
Copyright 2000 Michael Yeazel
May 1, 2006
"Each and every moment is sacred."
Written in 2006 by Simon Heighwaya --- United Kingdom
I came to understand this while going through a very empty, void-like period in my life. It felt like days, weeks, months were just passing by and nothing was happening. I went to visit a good friend of mine who was very pregnant and she told me that "any moment now" the baby was due. I thought about this for a while and it hit me that in every moment of existence someone somewhere is being born, someone somewhere is dying, someone is getting married, someone is getting divorced. Life-changing events and experiences are happening in every single moment, no exceptions!!

The bottom line is that not a solitary moment exists that is not for a divine reason. Each and every moment is a God-given opportunity for something, anything. The choice is yours!!