MARCH 2003

March 31, 2003
"People are like stars...we all have our own special light that shines from within. Sometimes we find our light to be dim and we struggle to shine... but that is when we need the light shed from the other stars to help us light our path once again. A true light that comes from within, from our divine Maker is so brilliant that it penetrates into the souls of the other stars onto which it shines, leaving it's impression for eternity. Are you shining for someone today??"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Alexia Vlahos --- Paphos, Cyprus
I thought of this analogy while trying to cheer a friend up. I believe that people come in and out of our lives for a reason...each person has that special something; that inner light, a smile, a touch, a helping hand or a listening ear. We are meant to grow as people from the light that we shed on each other. My hopes are that we learn to shed the same light as that of the brightest star of all...Jesus Christ!
March 31, 2003
"Faith is how you know where you are going,
Hope is what keeps you going,
But Love is how you get there!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by SEF F. --- Washington
When life is hard I always say this quote to myself!
March 28, 2003
Let it be known
To those, you and I,
There has never been a reason
To not reach for the sky
For those who have wisdom
Will surely know
It is not where you have been
But where you will go
Kitty --- Submitted by M.V. --- Minnesota
March 28, 2003
Help me be the best I can and always do the right,
Guide me in the path of your everlasting light.
I know that you are with me and will never let me stray,
For as long as I have faith in thee
You will always guide the way.
Written in 2003 by Pamela J., Age 15 --- Texas
Always remember that God will never leave you, he is always there to comfort and support you. He loves you and will never let you down. He will always guide you and help you choose the right path. JUST HAVE FAITH!!!
March 26, 2003
"A beautiful soul as no other merit than its existence."
Johann Friedrich von Schiller - (1759-1805) German Dramatist, Poet, Historian
March 26, 2003
"Leisure consists in all those virtuous activities by which a man grows morally, intellectually, and spiritually. It is that which makes a life worth living."
Cicero - (106-43 BC)
March 24, 2003
"Sympathy is a supporting atmosphere, and in it we unfold easily and well."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
March 24, 2003
"Being on a tightrope is living. Everything else is waiting."
Karl Wallenda
March 21, 2003
"Love is recognizing and nurturing the potential and true worth of ourselves and others."
Copyright © 2003 Simon Heighwaya
March 21, 2003
"I knew my life started, when I was born.
I knew I appreciated life tenderly, when I met you."
Copyright © 2003 Rania Zahr
Created over a glass of wine and a lovely candle-light dinner with E.Scott Robertson

March 19, 2003
"God can, in one second, calm a storm that has been raging in your life for a lifetime, if you believe."
Copyright © 2003 Beverley Nambozo
March 19, 2003
"Even if you see your shadow, you won't find yourself till you introspect yourself , ask what wrong has been done and start a new beginning instead of looking towards others. Ask yourself first ; God is always with us."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ajay Arora --- Delhi, India
March 17, 2003
"All of the darkness in the world cannot overcome the light shed by a single flame."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jaimee G., --- Ohio
March 17, 2003
"Sometimes, GOD pushes us to our limits. HE tests us beyond our endurance, because HE has greater FAITH in us...much more than we could ever think of with ourselves."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Karen Romero --- Manila, Philippines
My thesis groupmates and I often recited this, to motivate ourselves when we were still in college...and it really worked! So, I'm sharing this thought with everyone.
March 14, 2003
"The ones you remember most are those who inspire you. You might not always remember their faces, but you'll always remember their words."
Copyright © 2003 Danielle E. Fitzpatrick
March 14, 2003
"Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there or does not exist."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aisha S. --- Georgia
March 12, 2003
"Faith is not the contradiction of reality; it is facing the reality with hope and courage."
Robert Schuller --- Submitted by Apurva Jain --- Madhya Pradesh, India
This thought makes you a real bold human being. People come out of their fear and start doing a lot of good.
March 12, 2003
I pray for your smile,
It reminds me of shining stars in the sky.
I pray for your everlasting sparkling eyes,
That would be the favorite dream of mine.
I pray for your consistent success, although I know,
The sky of the success will make you disappear from me.
But I pray for your happy life.
I pray for the path that would bring,
Love and happiness, peace and hope for you.
I know you are going far away from me.
I know one day I will lose you.
But one thing that you would never know,
You would never understand, even I don't,
That I pray for you till my last breath.
Copyright © 2002 Aysha Iftikhar
These lines prove that unconditional and true love is still accessible in today's world. But if you think you have found it, don't delay to express your true feelings. Be expressive.
March 10, 2003
"The cross, which you carry now, can never be as heavy as the chains from which you were freed."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.H., Age 17 --- Kansas
March 10, 2003
"Life is what you make it when you make it with the one who made it."
Copyright © 1995 Beverley Nambozo
That is God.
March 7, 2003
"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it."
Author Unknown ---Submitted by K.K., Age 15 --- Arizona
March 7, 2003
F.R.O.G. (Forever Rely On GOD)

When you find that your life isn't going like you planned or how you hoped it would just remember that GOD is the maker and he has a reason for everything. It took him just seven days to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the Earth, and Jupiter and Mars. How lovingly patient he must be because he is still working on all of us.

While you wait on your turn don't pick out the bad things, pick out the good. Bring out the good in all things, but don't make things bigger than they actually are. Like GOD, work on the big things first but don't forget the little things. Our lives are like beautiful tapestries on a wall; the black strings are as important as the silver ones.

God has a plan for all of us. Believe in him and he will lead you to your destiny because he believes in all of us. Be optimistic and follow your heart. Rely on God for yoru map on life and he will make sure you achieve your dreams.
Copyright © 2002 Rebecca Moore
March 5, 2003
"Be patient with your life; God only shows it to you one day at a time."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Daniel S., Age 15 --- British Columbia, Canada
March 5, 2003
"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
Hebrews 1:11 --- Submitted by Jamie P., Age 15 --- Illinois
March 3, 2003
"Everything will turn to GOOD for those who trust in GOD.
He comes with healings on his wings to Save and Set thee free."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by G. Malik --- Mumbai, India
March 3, 2003
"Sometimes I feel like my life is in pieces; but somehow, all of the pieces are good."
Quoted in an article from Rolling Stone Magazine - Submitted by Crystal Calais