January 31, 2003
"We're not here to see through each other, we're here to see each other through."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.D. --- Saskatchewan, Canada
January 31, 2003
"Serving God is too important to put it off until tomorrow."
Pastor Terry Booher --- Submitted by Linda H. --- Florida
January 29, 2003
"People don't often see the broken heart of humanity; we may be the only Jesus they ever meet or the only bible they ever read. We must reach out to people at all times and do the Lord's work while we spend our time here. And whenever you meet someone for the first time, don't judge him or her by what station they're at in life because you never know, that person may end up being your best friend."
Copyright © 2003 Leanne Selby
January 29, 2003
"You are you for a reason, God made you special and you are blessed!
Never let anyone tell you different!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Samantha U., Age 14 --- Ohio
January 27, 2003
"What if we didn't have the capacity for healing, unity, and forgiveness? What if we didn't try to listen, say thanks, or be kind? What if we didn't need each other... or say I love you? What if we hadn't experienced the terror, the pains, the regrets, and foibles of being human? But we did. We know more. Let's not forget that we do."
Louise B. Parsley --- Submitted by Bethany E., Age 14 --- Texas
January 27, 2003
"The purpose of life is to discover True Love;
The secret is to discover the Present Moment."
Copyright © 2003 Simon Heighwaya
January 24, 2003
"In order for the Lord to make you, He must break you. The defining moment when we become truly dependent on the Lord is when there is no one left to depend on, but Him. Because you see, there is nothing more gratifying to our Sovereign Father than when we come before the Throne of God on our knees, naked, poor and helpless, full of humility. It is only then that the Lord is able to wrap his arms of mercy around us, heal our wounds and enable us bloom into the most beautiful flower, for He Himself is more beautiful than we could ever imagine."
Written in 2003 by R.P., Age 19 --- Indiana
I've been through the storm and I've been through the fire. I have been hurled into a pit of despair and I've survived the fires of hell. It is only at my very least that the Lord could make me my very best. When you realize everything else around you has fallen away, and you fall to the ground on your knees and cry, "Where were you Lord in all of this?" He bends down, picks us up with His mighty hand and says, "My dear child, I never left. You did." These are the words that I live by. He is my Savior.
January 24, 2003
"We often pray for bigger and better things. In the process we neglect what we already have. Be content with what and whom you have today. Cherish them today, if you fail to it might not be at your disposal tomorrow."
Copyright © 2003 Ashdon D. Brown
January 22, 2003
"My life is blessed; I have held my childrens' children."
Copyright © 2003 by Sue Kinnan
Just a thought I had after our third granddaughter was born... how blessed I've been! What a privilege to hold the children of my children!
January 22, 2003
"Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Make level paths for your feet, and take only ways that are firm, do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil."
Proverbs 4:25-27 --- Submitted by Jen B., Age 14 --- Minnesota
Jesus loves you so much...I hope you all know that and be prepared in life...no matter what you'll have your tough times but turn to God and ask him into your heart. I saw the tremendous change and joy...now will you?
January 20, 2003
"Let your Love be like the misty rain, falling softly, yet flooding the rivers..."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Julie Feliciano--- Philippines
Found this in one of those "motto" shops in a plaque. To me, it is an ideal way for a mother to love her children/ her husband...her friend...anyone.
January 20, 2003
"Once in my life, I met a good soul.. so kind and caring. Once in my life, I met an angel.. so sweet and thoughtful. Once in my life, I met you, a good soul and angel."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.A.M., Age 15 --- Philippines
This quote reminds me that whatever happens, I will never forget that somehow, somewhere I met someone like YOU.
January 17, 2003
"No obstacle in life shall be wasted. We truly do not understand the reoccurring preaches of our fellow teacher unless the lesson is to be learned first hand. No man will understand 'Not to touch the hot oven' until he is burned. Until he is burned, he will not understand the beauty of the lesson, for no lesson can be learned or gained without a little pain. When we understand the pain, we will learn the pot is to be avoided and the obstacle already overcome. No obstacle will be wasted; no lesson will be learned without sacrifice."
Copyright © 2002 Adele Wagner
January 17, 2003
"Every life is a plan of God going somewhere, someday."
Copyright © 2003 Roge Abergel
January 15, 2003
"On life's highway, sometimes we must travel the wrong path to find the right one."
Copyright © 2000 Mitchell Orapello
January 15, 2003
"I have no idea what I did in my life to deserve having you in it.....but it must have been my finest hour."
Copyright © 2002 Heidi Clark
January 13, 2003
"Ultimately, all the battle of life is within the individual."
Shoghi Effendi --- Submitted by Karen Roysterrr --- Nevada
From the writings of the Bahai Faith
January 13, 2003
"To fully understand, accept and forgive yourself is to come home."
Copyright © 2002 Simon Heighwaya
January 10, 2003
"Everyone has baggage, some more than they can handle. They have to learn to let others help carry it sometimes, no matter how much they think they're strong enough to do it themselves."
Copyright © 2002 Rachel Tarian
January 10, 2003
"Believing the Word of God is truly wonderful! Saying the Word of God you believe is truly faith!"
Copyright © 2002 Brooksie La Vonne Cook
January 8, 2003
"Exhausted after all efforts, to the lord's shelter I go. Now that to His shelter I have come say I, Lord, ruin me or save me, as may please thee!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bandana Karki --- Kathmandu, Nepal
Whenever I feel down and low and feel that life is not worth living, I go through these lines and immediately I get a sense of relief that now I need not worry as God's going to take care of all my troubles. Hope it will serve you the same way friends.
January 8, 2003
"If you pray that God will change you, you must first believe that you can be changed."
Copyright © 2002 Nugroho Budianggoro
January 6, 2003
"Even the severed branch grows again, and the sunken moon returns: wise men who ponder this are not troubled in adversity."
Bhartrihari; South Asian philosopher --- Submitted by Jayash N., Age 14 --- Janakpur, Nepal
Sorrow and pain in our lives are just a passing phase and as the above quote says, good times always follow the bad ones so CHEER UP!!
January 6, 2003
"Don't blame God for obstacles that occur in your life, but rather, let those obstacles be an opportunity for you to come closer to Him."
Copyright © 2002 Jeremy Chan