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What’s New At MotivateUs.com?

The MotivateUs community is now celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary, and the changes has began. We are growing up and getting ready for the next decade of the virtual community

As many of you know, MotivateUs.com has started it historic transformation from the original skins, and look. Where it all began, please pardon the dust.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see the transformation begin. Pages will start adapting there new skins, navigation systems will be turned on.

As we move forward, and start preparing for page two of the migration, and poputation to a database. We will be conducting surveys on what you want, and allow the community to assist “Us” in the final design.

As part of the community design, we have added a Knowledge Base to assist you in your experience at MotivateUs.com. Please be aware, the Knowledge Base System is a Work In Progress, starting with Navigation.

If you are not interested in the navigation yet, please explore with our “Navigation system. Thousand of pages to browse.

Soon we will also start opening Blog.MotivateUs.com initially for a select few, and then start opening it to The Community. Please contact us if you are interested in being one of the first: Be One Of The First Bloggers at Blog.MotivateUs.com.

Be partient, and our construction dust will disappear …
Thank You For Your Understanding @MotivateUsLab

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