History of MotivateUs

MotivateUs.com started back in 1997 at a little Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Bingham Farms, Michigan as one page of quotations, while Marlene was learning to code html and design websites. Each day she would add a new quotation and one day, someone from South Africa sent an email saying how much they liked the page and could she add one of their favorite quotes to our page? Remember back then there wasn’t any twitter (@MotivateUs), facebook, snapchat, nor instagram. There were newsgroups, some blogs, and only about a hundred thousand websites. There wasn’t an easy way to share If you couldn’t code, know how to use web publishing software or if you didn’t have your own website. According to Steve LeBlanc, on a Quora post in 2011 : ” Before Blogger, it was possible to start a weblog. But very few people did it. They didn’t have the right encouragement, examples to follow, tech to make it easy, or community to join.” (Oh yes, Blogger was founded in August 1999.) Soon, more people would email and comment about the quotation web page – could you publish my thought too? Now came the vision: To create a place in cyber space where real people, from all walks of life, could participate in this new medium called the Internet. For the first time people who didn’t have a website were able to have their quotes, thoughts, stories, historic and personal writings published on a community website. In addition, they could send comments to a real person and receive an answer back. This was the beginning of our global publication and The MotivateUs.Com Community. Many people have become quite famous over the years after using MotivateUs.com as a springboard to showcase their thoughts and ideas. As we move forward with the times, a new MotivateUs.com is emerging and you can be part of it too.
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