34 Inspirational Quotes For You

"Having belief is a powerful and glorious thing; it makes us determined, braver and stronger. Sometimes the road may seem tough, long and rough, but that's what the road to success looks like. You mustn't use your belief to limit, disappoint and make yourself afraid and give up. Belief is not for making ourselves look or feel short, but it is for making ourselves look and feel taller even when we are not. See a way where there's no way. So always remember this - Use your belief to reach for things, and not to give up on things."
Written in 2014 by Kiplimo Chemirmir - Kenyan Warrior

"Happy Birthday to YOU!! Every day is a birth day because you have an opportunity to change the direction of your life. Today, you can move your life in a direction that you will either regret, or that you will celebrate. Your life can either be a warning of what not to do, or an example of what to do. You get to decide! Every day YOU choose to create your own happiness!!!

YOU hold the pen! And YOU write your own story!!! YOU don't have to be stuck in a script!!! YOU can choose to walk away from an unhealthy or unstable relationship, and create a loving and committed one. YOU may decide to follow a new career path that gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose; or get help for an addiction that is destroying your life. YOU have the power!!! It's in your hands! Celebrate this day!!! It's your new birth day - the day where you can celebrate and embrace the life that you were born to create, love, and enjoy!!! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within You!!"
Les Brown --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey

"Play More, Pray More; Get More, Give More... Live More!!!"
Written in 2014 by RVM --- India

"When in doubt, pray it out! Stop looking around for someone to give you all of life's answers. When you center yourself, your answers will appear."
Written in 2014 by Rahsha Batiste --- Virginia
So many people doubt themselves daily. All they have to do is meditate and pray on the issue.

"Forgiving those who hurt us is key to our personal peace."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sher Muhammad ---Pakistan

"It is not necessary that tears must fall when you are sad and lips must smile when you are happy. Sometimes life catches us in certain situations when we smile in pain and cry with happiness."
Written in 2014 by Uday Uprety --- Texas

"I know that when I pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom I'm praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I'm grateful that I'm heard."
Maya Angelou --- Submitted by Jack Hayes --- Ohio

"Hope means: Helping Other People Every-time or Everywhere."
Written in 2014 by Tanveer Khan --- Thailand

"Sometimes, to fly you must fall."
Written in 2014 by Nora Ryan

For Heart's Sake

Close your eyes and feel your heart.

A great way to start the day, realizing you are Alive.

Not dead, whether walking or in bed.

Thanks should resound next, loud from a voice or in your head.

Acknowledging you could have been dead but you were spared.

Now live as your heart dictates, gaining wisdom along the way.

For your heart will lead you to love; be honest, devote time to a passion; fly into what matters, yes to truly live.

For it is the heart, once it is trusted, that will lead a man or woman to love, care, help, sacrifice, and trust that their efforts will live long after their body has left this world.

Close your eyes and feel your heart.

It is a great way to start the day; to start your life.

Copyright 2014 Janice Harris

Learn to let go and let God

Submitted by Lauren Covington

"Each and every one of us has a special talent, a gift if you will. It is our personal responsibility to find and use our God given talents to help others. After all, a gift is not a gift until you give it away."
Written in 2014 by Robert Moore --- Massachusetts

"Challenges are watersheds i.e. they are events that eventually cause an important change to take place in one's/your life. So, dare to face your challenges."
Written in 2014 by Emeasoba George --- Nigeria

"Our happiness is governed by our emotions. And so is our grief. Our ability to understand the emotions and its impermanent nature and not let it have a deep root within us is a path to liberation, a path to a real happiness, a path to be at balance, at bliss..."
Written in 2014 by Neil Nepal

"The present is true. In time annihilation it can be realized that the present exists only. Everything of the past is in the present in finer forms. The present is already there. Again the future happenings can be seen in present. Then everything is in present."
Sri Jibankrishna(Diamond) --- Submitted by Dipak Pramanik --- India
We experience these realizations by the grace of Diamond our God-the-preceptor

"Admitting you're a spirituality junkie doesn't mean you're weak - it means you're aware. Awareness leads to change. In sharing your spiritual journey, you will receive support and are able to support others. Making an effort to learn more about yourself (or, as I learned from my yoga teachers, to remember who you really are) means you are actually strong, grateful, and incredibly worthy. Start sharing the parts you're keeping hidden now."
Martine Holston --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey

"Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart."
Sarah Ban Breathnach --- Submitted by George Wachirah --- Kenya

"Who is the happier man? He who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Yamini Chawaria --- India
It gives me inspiration when facing the challenges of life.

Picture of a thank you to God

Submitted by Lauren Covington

"The purpose of pain in life is to regain the inner power of the mind and the innate courage of the heart; to start going from strength to strength to attain, retain and sustain the noble goal cherished in the soul."
Written in 2014 by Anuj Somany --- India

"Keep walking in faith; you may be the only shining hope and the guiding light to help uplift those who are lost and knocked down by fear."
Written in 2014 by Caroline Naoroji --- Virginia

"Do the things you feel to do, be the one of independence, and never let yourself down but be more kind. Let others love you and be good man. If you lost your dream, then help others to achieve theirs. Instead of saying THANK YOU say I LOVE YOU. Don't feel bad if you're a stranger to people but feel good that they are friends of yours. If you do these things then no need to find yourself."
Little writer --- Submitted by Shirish Ijantkar --- India
An inspirational quote to everyone.

"This tough situation that feels too painful to handle, there is HOPE!!!!! NEVER give up!!!"
Written in 2013 by Allyson Hill --- Pennsylvania
This world is so negative and I want people to find and learn there is hope!!! You will be stronger!!!!! Don't let anyone put you down, be your true self, don't let anyone put you down!

words with meaning

Submitted by Lauren Covington

"Pray silently with simplicity every day to stay cool and calm in mind, composed and collected in heart; courageous and connected to own soul, to lay the way for a peaceful life."
Written in 2013 by Anuj Somany --- India
Silent prayer has a mysterious power.

"Love is just a word until you put it into action. Then it's the Healer of the world, the clue that holds us together."
Written in 2014 by Janice Harris --- Florida

"Happiness is traveling through the darkest hours with our eyes looking toward the sunrise."
Written in 2014 by Raymond C. Nolan --- Alabama
When I was diagnosed with cancer my initial reaction was to "get my affairs in order" while preparing for the worst. Then I realized that if I practiced what I preached I would put everything in God's hands. I am now a Cancer Survivor.

"You are who you are and if people don't like you for you, they're not worth caring or worrying about. Respect and love every single person who respects you and loves you back. Understand how important friends are and how important other people's lives are. If you want people to know who you are, just be yourself. No one should be judged because of their ethnic background or their looks because the only thing that could make a person ugly is their personality, attitude towards others. Everyone is beautiful inside and out, just not everyone knows it."
Written in 2011 by Radka Kozielova --- United Kingdom

"Wisdom and truth bring faith, not belief. When you know something, you have faith. When you don't know, you start believing."
Sri Sri Ravishankar --- Submitted by Narayan Veeraraghavachar --- India

"Believe in yourself, its the only hope which can never die...because the sun shines due to its own light."
Written in 2012 by Saba Hussain --- India

"Richness of a soul is how much it cares about others... poverty is how little."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mohammed --- Saudi Arabia

I am too blessed to be stressed.

Submitted by Lauren Covington

"Hope is born afresh in our hearts for a new day has come. A chapter has closed, and now we have the privilege of starting a new one. We will write a new history. We will redefine our collective destiny. We will build the future of our dreams."
Written in 2014 by Olanrewaju Kazeem --- Nigeria

"People forget the smallest things in life bring the simplest happiness into one's heart. It is the unfound treasure that is found within the smallest light that shines on the face of the simplest of pleasure, a forgotten smile."
Written in 2014 by Amy Masella --- Illinois

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